National Geographic

National Geographic Desktops

I recently subscribed for a combination of the digital and print subscriptions to National Geographic for only $12 for the first year. I was very happy about this because I love National Geographic and the content that they produce.

A few days after I subscribed, I received, in my regular email updates from National Geographic, a free desktop download of a wolf, the wolf that is the featured image of this post. They publish these pictures once a week for free on their website or through their newsletter. I thought that the readers of The Bengal Review would appreciate, like I do, the fact that NatGeo offers a great photo of something in nature for you to see every time you power on your computer during the day EVERY WEEK.

I would encourage you to download this picture, but don’t save it from here. I didn’t produce it.

Download the image here to support National Geographic and get a breathtaking and amazing desktop background out of it. If you like this post, PLEASE REBLOG it.

—The Editor

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