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iPhone 6 Issues?

As common at every Apple launch, people have found issues with new Apple products. Apple’s latest announcement is no exception. In fact, buyers have reported two issues with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As expected, Apple made these devices incredibly thin, with the iPhone 6 coming in at 6.9mm and the iPhone 6 Plus coming in at 7.1mm.

Now, as almost everyone who has ever owned any device with a large screen knows, with thinness tends to come fragility. However, Apple improved the strength of the front panel of glass on the new iPhone models. You would think that Apple devices would now be indestructible.

Not so.


As HandzStudioz correctly observed in his article on the iPhone 6 issues, because of the fact that these phones are made of stainless steel, a somewhat supple and flexible metal, and also because of the thinness, users around the web have made claims that their new iPhones are bending in the pockets. Honestly, this goes to show how mistakenly wrong Samsung is about the whole bendy device thing, just saying.

These rumors of bending have become extremely popular around the web under the hashtag Bendgate (#Bendgate). Now, going back to the HandzStudioz article, the editor of that site referenced the fact that out of the immense amounts of complaints and problems users have supposedly faced with the bending issue (probably because their clothes are too tight), Apple has received a whopping amount of 9 complaints about iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bending issues. Obviously, this really shows how Apple cares nothing about its users and is filled with evil, greedy fiends. (If you couldn’t tell, that was dry humor. I’ll tone down a bit for the rest of this post). In fact, TechRadar did a video recently that showed how ridiculously hard it was to bend one of these phones with your hands, let alone your skinny jeans.

Honestly, this whole bending thing isn’t a dealbreaker for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. If you’re wise and get a good case to protect your investment in this phone, this will definitely not happen to you.


Now, on to a more comical issue with the iPhone 6: the reported Wave feature. My friend informed me of this, and I (my dry humor self) died laughing when I saw this.


Apparently, now, with iOS 8, the Wave feature allows users to charge their iPhone IN THE MICROWAVE. This is literally the most hilariously idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. But, of course, not everyone thought that.


This image was posted on Twitter with the caption: “I tried using the new IOS 8 feature WAVE where you can charge your phone with a microwave, does not work @Apple”. Sigh from The Editor. While this feature would obviously be cool, IT WILL FRY YOUR PHONE!!!! Unlike the Bend hoax, this is a legitimate concern. Be a smart person and don’t fall for this.

So overall, worry about the Wave charging but don’t really worry about the Bend hoax.

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–The Editor