What Is Alexa and Why Does It Matter?

As my weekend post for this week, I’d like to reblog this post from Handz Studioz. Alexa is a powerful tool, and The Bengal Review was just ranked, coming in at around 20 million. I would encourage you to install the Alexa toolbar to help create traffic for your favorite websites.

Handz Studioz

Have you ever visited a website and wondered, “How popular is this site compared to others in the world?” Or perhaps, “What’s the most popular website in the world?” Alexa.com has the answer for you.

Alexa Logo (from Alexa.com)

Image from Alexa.com

Alexa is an Amazon.com company that tracks visitors to websites, and then ranks those sites based on the number of views that it gets. Not surprisingly, Google is #1, Facebook #2, and YouTube #3. The way Alexa works via a toolbar/plugin that users can install to their browser; Alexa looks to see, for instance, ‘OK. How many toolbars (equivalent to visitors) visit example.com? How many views does example.com get?’ Alexa is regarded pretty much as the gold standard in basic web analytics, along with Google Analytics.

Now, let’s look at the second part of the question: why does Alexa matter anyway? Well, let’s give an example. Let’s say that here at Handz…

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National Geographic Desktops

I recently subscribed for a combination of the digital and print subscriptions to National Geographic for only $12 for the first year. I was very happy about this because I love National Geographic and the content that they produce.

A few days after I subscribed, I received, in my regular email updates from National Geographic, a free desktop download of a wolf, the wolf that is the featured image of this post. They publish these pictures once a week for free on their website or through their newsletter. I thought that the readers of The Bengal Review would appreciate, like I do, the fact that NatGeo offers a great photo of something in nature for you to see every time you power on your computer during the day EVERY WEEK.

I would encourage you to download this picture, but don’t save it from here. I didn’t produce it.

Download the image here to support National Geographic and get a breathtaking and amazing desktop background out of it. If you like this post, PLEASE REBLOG it.

—The Editor

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