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As of today, September 22, 2014, The Bengal Review has achieved 2,500 total views!

Thank you so much if you ever viewed or commented or liked or reblogged or subscribed to the blog, I greatly appreciate it.

Let’s get to 5,000 views soon!

–The Editor


National Geographic Desktops

I recently subscribed for a combination of the digital and print subscriptions to National Geographic for only $12 for the first year. I was very happy about this because I love National Geographic and the content that they produce.

A few days after I subscribed, I received, in my regular email updates from National Geographic, a free desktop download of a wolf, the wolf that is the featured image of this post. They publish these pictures once a week for free on their website or through their newsletter. I thought that the readers of The Bengal Review would appreciate, like I do, the fact that NatGeo offers a great photo of something in nature for you to see every time you power on your computer during the day EVERY WEEK.

I would encourage you to download this picture, but don’t save it from here. I didn’t produce it.

Download the image here to support National Geographic and get a breathtaking and amazing desktop background out of it. If you like this post, PLEASE REBLOG it.

—The Editor

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YouTube Channel- calcubes

Hello everyone!

I just launched my Rubik’s Cube- and speedcubing-oriented YouTube channel, calcubes. My first video is a review on a speedcube. If you’re new to cubing, please check out beginners’ tutorials on how to solve the cube, but while you’re at it, please subscribe to my channel and follow my Google+ (links below) for periodical cube reviews. Thanks!

–The Editor

Visit my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXurP5e5XwML-GRO6TFNk1Q

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Handz Studio!

Handz Studio!

Just like a post we did a few months ago on Animato Studios, today I’d like to let you know about another WordPress website that I enjoy, HandzStudio!

HandzStudio does reviews for different computer and software related things, as well as reviewing different gadgets and stuff like that.

Some of their recent posts include a review of a flashlight, a comparison between Firefox and IE 9, discussions on video interpolation, and others.

This is a great website that just recently started up so make sure to follow! You’ll enjoy HandzStudio’s posts, as I know I do.

Here’s a link:


Check them out, and tell them The Bengal Review sent ya!

–The Editor

Animato Studios

Animato Studios

This post is different from the product reviews we usually do. It is advertising an excellent brickfilm studio by the name of Animato Studios!

For those of you who don’t know, brickfilms are stop motion animation films that generically use Lego products. This studio produces all kinds of brickfilms, varying from Lord of the Rings to classy spy films to animal stories and whatnot.

Recently, Animato Studios’ YouTube channel (see links below) reached 200,000 video views. They have been making brickfilms since late 2011.

This studio has won multiple awards for their films, from winning a small amateur competition with Hero of the Queen, to being placed first in a competition made by famous brickfilm studio TimbleGoorn Lego Productions with the film Arabian Tears.

Here is the link to their YouTube channel:


And the link to their blog:


Check them out, and tell them the Bengal Review sent ya!