iPad Air 2- Apple’s Next Big Thing?


Apple recently announced the 6th Generation of iPad, the iPad Air 2, and also the 3rd Generation of iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 3. Today I wanted to take an in-depth look at the new iPad Air 2, the maxi version of the iPad. The iPad Air is the thinnest, most beautiful, and most powerful iPad ever.



The new iPad Air 2 is now 6.1 mm, thinner than a pencil, making this machine, according to Apple, the thinnest tablet in the world. It is 18% than the last model, the first iPad Air, and weighs just less than a pound. Having a machine that powerful feeling that light in your hands is going to be unbelievable.


The display on the iPad Air 2 is 2048p, coming in at 3 million pixels. That’s an impressive pixel density. Apple also combined the three layers that composed the screens on the former iPad models (cover glass, touch sensor, LCD) into one fully laminated display that makes images better and, combined with an anti-reflective coating, reduces glare and reflection.


Apple put their latest A8X processor with second-generation 64-bit architecture into the new iPad, making it the most powerful iPad ever. This iPad also includes Apple’s most advanced motion co-processor, the M8 chip. With 2.5x better graphics, and a 40% faster CPU, and while still retaining 10 hours of maximum battery life, the iPad Air 2 is one powerful machine.

Pricing and Other Features


The iPad Air 2 starts at $499 for 16GB, and moves to $599 for 64GB. Other important features include:

  • More advanced front and rear cameras
  • An improved aluminum hardware design
  • Touch ID
  • NFC capability for in-store payment use
  • And many others!

Overall, the iPad Air 2 is Apple’s next big thing. Slight improvements and new features that were in the iPhone line before add up to make this model a phenomenal tablet, one that I would give a 94% score at first look and declare one of the best, if not the best, tablet. Period.

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