New Year’s Resolution? Chrome might do the trick..

New Year’s Resolution? Chrome might do the trick…

Sorry for my absence of posts lately! The holiday season was hectic as usual.

Just wanted to briefly mention an online service I’ve gotten more and more involved with over the past year, Google’s Chrome interface. It is the only browser I ever consider using because a) it is screaming fast (usually) and b) because it is so compatible with everything else technological I use. I don’t have it for iOS, but my Dell PC is practically a Chromebook with all the Chrome related stuff I’ve put on it. These features include:

  1. Integration with Google Apps such as Drive and Calendar- I love the fact that all my Drive files are in a folder on my PC. It’s very seamless integration for an altogether awesome online service, Google Drive. Check it out at Also, Google Calendar directly syncs with iOS Calendar, which has been remarkably useful.
  2. Chrome Extensions- A lot of browsers have extension capabilities these days, but none like Chrome. Almost every legitimate web service has an extension for Chrome, it seems, with some of mine being Avast Online Security, Skype. EasyBib, TechSmith Snagit (tool for screenshots), Swagbucks, and Pocket. Plus, these extensions are available at the click of a button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Apps- Chrome has thousands of apps, from games to productivity to image and video editing. All Google features come as apps from the start, including YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Gmail, to name a few.
  4. A Google Chrome App Launcher and search box available for desktop and the toolbar in Windows.
  5. The countless other features that you would have to look at a full review to read……..

To be honest, I can’t think of a reason not to download Chrome, unless you’re a Get-Rid-Of-Google or a Firefox Fanatic. Now to convince Apple to put Google back into iOS…

—-The Editor


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