Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear


A few months ago we did a post on whether the iWatch, a product supposed by some to be Apple’s next big product launch, would be a good idea for Apple. View the iWatch Article However, looks like Samsung got to it first, with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

Samsung announced their new smart-watch with another interesting ad campaign, following their usual slogan, “The Next Big Thing is Here”, and this time they might be right. Paired with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which was released alongside the Galaxy Gear, Samsung is trying to keep users from having to pull out their mini-tablet of a phone to check key notifications.

From my understanding, the Note 3 is so big that the Galaxy Gear is a downsized extension of the phone. So, instead of looking at features of the Galaxy Gear (which are basically the same as we projected in the iWatch article), I’d like to project whether this new product will be beneficial to Samsung, and, if so, to what extent.

Galaxy Gear is pretty pricey. At $299, this smartwatch trumps its main competitor, the Pebble Smartwatch, priced at $150. Its big brother, the Galaxy Note 3, is $750 to boot, but Galaxy Gear comes much cheaper when bought together with the Note 3.

The Galaxy Gear does work with other Samsung devices, specifically the Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4, as well as the Galaxy Note 2 and 10.1. This means if you are buying the Galaxy Gear to pair it with your older Samsung device, you will have to pay the hefty price. If you want to buy the Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear together, you will have to pay $600 outright, not even counting the price for a two-year contract. Ouch!

This heavy price, I believe, will cause the average tech consumer to neglect the Galaxy Gear. Even though it is a great idea and has a spectacular design, the price will cause anyone but die-hard Samsung fans to turn away from Galaxy Gear. In order to appeal to average consumers, Samsung needs to chop the price of the Galaxy Gear, or say goodbye to potential buyers.

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–The Editor


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