Bike Baron- App Review

Bike Baron- App Review

This past week I came across an app called Bike Baron through the Starbucks app. I got the full version, which costs $0.99 on the iOS App Store, but there is a free version with less levels. This game is basically your standard extreme biking game, with some nice twists. The first one is the graphics. This game has 2D gameplay, but it feels like 3D because of a neat depth aspect added by the developers to make it look real. Here’s a screenshot I took while playing:


The second twist is the In-App Purchases, or should I say purchase. There is only one In-App Purchase in this app, for the Santa Pack. This pack gives you more characters and also more levels. Unlike most racing games, the in-app purchase is cheap at $0.99, and the game does not restrict too many features with in-app purchases.

This is one of those apps that I wouldn’t actually buy based on my personality without the promo code, but some of you might like it.

For Android users, I don’t know if there is an Android version, but feel free to comment and say if there is.

So, check it out and let me know what you think!

-The Editor




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