iHome iB45 Headphones

iHome iB40 Headphones

As a gift from some kind relatives, I received a pair of nice-looking iHome iB45 Headphones. These headphones are a crossover between those cheap, unusable and fall-apart headphones and high-end, top of the line models like Beats by Dr. Dre. However, the quality of these headphones is closer to the cheap model.

The first of my misfortunes with these headphones happened in January of this year. After I got home from an event, I left the headphones on the floor of my car. Bad idea! Unfortunately, one day I sifted through the backseat of my car to find the earphone section of the product broken off, probably crushed by an unwary foot. However, thanks to the magic of Duct Tape, they were again resealed to the head band.

Because these headphones were a gift, I decided to buy a new pair and hope they lasted longer than the previous one. Now, up to this point I was unaware of the pricing for this model, and I was shocked to discover they were $30 plus tax. Ouch! I decided to buy a purple pair, which is shown in the photo below.

Due to my experiences with the previous pair, I decided to be extra careful and meticulous with this one. I stored it hidden away from any danger in the included travel pouch in a compartment of my desk, and then moved them to my bedside for easy reach when relaxing. Another bad idea! Turns out, after a couple of days I found that the headphone plug-in part was bent! I tried forcing it back into shape, but it still requires me to push it into my iPod’s jack if I want any audible sound to come out of the device! I checked the warranty, but I really don’t feel like going through that whole process again just to replace non-deserving product.

Just a few days before publishing this article, the headphones were left in the car a second time. Yes, it happened again. The earpiece broke off, and I reconnected it with duct tape. This could be considered a fashion statement, but I’m not biting.

I’d also like to go over some additional specs for this product. While it does provide an inclusive, drown-out sound experience, the quality of the sound isn’t up to par for this kind of product. Also, the ear-covering parts of the product are ridiculously small. Trust me, my ears are smaller than average, but these headphones still don’t fit! This results in an uncomfortable, cramped listening experience.

This product comes in 4 colors: red-and-black, solid red, purple-and-white, and solid purple. I found my second pair at Target, but you can also ship them from iHome’s Online Store for $40.

Overall, don’t buy this product. It would be more worthwhile to look at another model. Thanks to the relatives, but no thanks to iHome on this one.

 —–The Editor

External links:

Link to the iHome Shop for the iB40 heaphones


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