iWatch: Good or Bad Idea for Apple?

iWatch: Good or Bad Idea for Apple?

Over the past month, images and other details have been leaked about the iWatch, Apple’s newest product branch. This multicolored device would supposedly allow the user to access notifications from their iPhone, but on their wrist. Of course, Apple is very private, and has not released official images, pricing, or release dates, but the goal of this article is not to predict features of the iWatch, but to analyze if it will be a success or failure for Apple.

To start, I want to briefly share what the iWatch would do. Basically, it would be an extension of iPhone notifications that could be easily accessible from your watch. The iWatch could also hold Siri, music, SMS messaging, and other accessories. For a more in-depth analysis on iWatch features, please see the external links section below.

Now, to the business analysis section. Let’s start by making the common statement that Apple is kind of just sitting there. They haven’t released a new product or branch since November, and their stock and presence in the smartphone market is slowly but steadily declining. Like others, I’d say this is definitely a serious problem. So, a new launch would probably stimulate growth and product sales for Apple. As this device would be a helpful accessory for iPhone, it could also encourage same-time sales for iPhone and iWatch. iPhone is a top-selling product for Apple, so this would definitely make iWatch popular.

The only question is: Would people want the iWatch? Is it worth the potentially substantial price? iPhone is already so fast and accessible that you can see your notifications easily as long as your iPhone is within reach. So, why would you need the iWatch? This is the question many gadget experts are asking. As this is a more opinionated article, I would like to state my belief about the iWatch. I believe that Apple should pursue another product, like a new iPad or iPhone, instead of manufacturing the iWatch. I personally don’t believe that this is a good investment for apple, but hey, you never know. Look what people said about the iPhone.

 External Links and References:

MacWorld article on iWatch



  1. I agree qith most of your points that is seems to have very little reason to be made but look at the iPad when they released that people asked what was the point of it, it was realistically just a big iPod touch, but it sold very well for them so I believe it will be a success whether they sell it for a dollor or 300$ it will sell because they can create the illusion of neccessity

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