Newsstand Review- March 11th, 2013

iOS App Review: Newsstand

On all currently sold iOS devices there is a built-in application called Newsstand.
This feature allows you to buy or subscribe to digital versions of popular magazines and newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, and National Geographic. This feature may seem like heaven at first. You may be thinking that you can get neww issues of your favorite periodicals for free. However, this app comes with a price. Literally.

When you subscribe to magazines on the App Store, like the magazines in the photo above, the latest issues will automatically go into your Newsstand app. But when you open the magazine, it will either lock certain articles or the whole magazine, restricting this content to subscribers only. Some, like The Wall Street Journal , allow you to view most articled, but magazines like National Geographic will not show you any content unless you prove yourself to be a subscriber through a detailed login process. So, in a sense, these apps just extend the requirement for a subscription to the digital world.

Overall, I think that Newsstand has both pros and cons. You need to be careful which apps you get, so that you don’t waste memory on an app that doesn’t give you any informative articles. Also, I wish there were more periodicals available on iPhone. Magazines have sought to publish their digital issues exclusively on iPad for want of a bigger screen and more content availability. However, with a little more development and, in a way, usefulness, Newsstand could be an extremely productive iOS feature.


What do you think?

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